Erika Hoffman

Welcome to my Fanart gallery!!! Feel free to comment! My name is Erika Enara Charlotte Hoffman and i am 16 years old. I'm really the first one in my family who is going against the 'tradition' of becoming a musician. Well... I DO play an instrument, The Saxophone. My mom wants me to become a famous saxophone player *meh*, she says that i 'Have it'. Well, I go to Heleneholm Music Highschool. My main goal in life is to become an author but i really love to draw too. I'm in my elf/human-animal mix/fay period ^.^. My favorite art genere is anime/manga and i have been 'into' manga since i was 10 years old. My favorite anime is Princess Mononoke. I also love RPG games and my favorite ones are: Final Fantasy 6,7 and 9, Grandia and Star Ocean 2. Well that's all I can think about now ^.^ If you want to know anything more about me feel free to e-mail ^.^ Oh yeah, My favorite colors are: Blue, Purple, Black and Peach. Wow... I can't belive it was three years since I was here-- I'm semi back I guess, I'll upload some new stuff soon :P