Daniel Condaxis

Last Update: July 23rd, 2009.  Welcome to my little space here in the Woods. I'm a fan of anime, scifi and fantasy, and I love to draw, write and work on concepts for video games. I hope to become an art lead or designer for adventure and role-playing games. Most of my work is of characters and items that appear in the stories I write and the games I am designing.Anyway, that's enough of me gabbing for now. I hope you like my work, and I'm always looking for helpful comments and suggestions. Oh, and please, don't use anything here without my permission.  Thanks a lot!  Here's Thea and Callie's Page , my sister and her friend's Elfwood Sci-Fi/Fantasy page. I like Tabletop roleplaying and wargames, videogames, 2D and 3D art, game design, writing, and character design Favourite movies Firefly, Farscape, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Escaflowne, Slayers, Full Metal Panic, Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Code Geass. Favourite books Piers Anthony's Xanth and Apprentice Adept series, Simon R. Greene's Deathstalker series, the entire Lord of the Rings saga, and then some. Favourite music Hammerfall, Nightwish, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Great Big Sea, The Brobdingnagian Bards, Jethro Tull, Queen, SR-71, Various anime/videogame soundtracks.