Stephen McPherson

I am an introverted anthro artist with aspergers syndrome.I don't consider myself to be a furry, because most people consider that to be a lifestyle and I find that to be...well...stupid. Also, I never really cared about labels n' stuff.I was diagnosed with aspergers at the age of six. I've learned to cope with it pretty well. Most of the time, people don't know I have it until I tell them.I had a deviantart account, but I deleted it because the deviantart community has some of the most detestable group of people you will ever meet on the internet.Things I like: Food, foreign languages, anime, manga, comics, my friends, the outdoors, the beach.Things I dislike: Intolerance, noobs that suck up to popular artists (I'm already starting to see that a lot on this site), homophobes, close-mindedness, internet trolls, my generation. I like Drawing, Dragon Quest, Zelda, comics, manga. Favourite movies Hellboy animated, Princess mononoke, Spirited Away Favourite music Metal, Rock, Grunge, Old school techno (not the newer crap)