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I am a quiet, reserved, intellectual kind of guy, 27 years old at the moment, who somehow decided that the literary fiction that the artsy types are writing these days is nauseating. Give me Tolkien or the older works of Salvatore any day, Dragonlance is good too. Honestly, I spend more time going over my own stuff than anyone else's... Update: I'm now a proud graduate of the Seton Hill Master's in Popular Fiction course. No idea what to do with the degree, exactly, but I have it. So, if you wander in and like my stuff here, old though it may be, please comment and encourage me because I haven't had much luck getting published yet...  Just to make things clear, here is the order of the stories concerning Nazgrim the necromancer. First, this is the original set, which may or may not have more added before this (chronologically speaking). Thinking about calling it the "Birth of the Hand" or something, who knows. Silken Shroud (the long awaited beginning. Almost as cool as Episode I... wait a minute...) (>_ Ring of the Gorgon Runemaster Green Cloak Brigade The Glass Rose The Hand of Kharon The Darkness Incarnate If the recent update went well, these stories of the new set should be up. I'm thinking of calling this set the "Destiny of the Hand" series. The Sleeper The Wolf The Wild Hunt The Stray Cat Strut The Child The Outcasts The Shell-Blade The Tower of Babylon The Griever The Rebellious Souls The Ascension The Prices Paid The Angel's Savior The Way of the Overseer The Last Light Also, though there are still only a few, here are the Zeno stories in chronological order Zeno Brave: The Elemental Brave Zeno Brave: Sephina Zeno Brave: Brothers Bravado Zeno Brave: In Service of the Dark Lord   Steph drew Elle for me Links: Stephanie--Bethie--Naomi--Cecily


New Story: Cost

"Cost" is a story that begins where most novels end; the bad guy is dead on the floor, the prophecies of Light overcoming Darkness have been fulfilled, and the hero and heroine care deeply for one another. But it turns out that the forces of good aren't so good, that bad guy wasn't so bad, and that the hero isn't as selfless as he's supposed to be...Stand-alone work, for the time being. And, get this, it's significantly shorter than most of my stories end up being. Submitted for a workshop for class, and I was crushed when it ended up growing to be too long for the word count limit. I was so sure I'd finally get to submit a full work instead of a fragment... but these things take on a life of their own sometimes.

The Angel's Savior

#13, second set. C'mon now, show of hands. Who actually believed Nazgrim was gone forever? No one? That's what I thought. Much more of the fate that awaits is addressed, the true power of the Hand of Vanus is attained, and Naz makes his big return. Much righteous wrath is meted out.

Zeno Brave: Brothers Bravado

This is the third story (chronologically) featuring Zenithos, and his brother Xanatos. The ultimate falling out of the brothers is told here, and a little bit of how they acted when they were still together.

The Outcasts

Story #6 of the new Nazgrim set. Tana starts showing her childish side a bit more, now that she's comfortable. Everyone continues being themselves, although Naz is acting a bit funny... Oh, and the first emissary from the Council of the Enlightened, one particularly angry Vala, makes a flashy entrance. Let's get ready magic-rumble!

The Darkness Incarnate

Nazgrim #7. The oath taken by Nazgrim, as well as the price he continues to pay for making it, weighs heavily upon our him. Driven to the edge of madness, he confronts the Green Cloak Brigade, who have come to end his suffering, at any cost.

Green Cloak Brigade

Nazgrim story #4. Nazgrim stumbles across party of cliche heroes in the woods. Hits on the women, tries to murder the men. Possibly the most humorous Nazgrim story I'll ever write, and yet still a little tainted with anger, guilt, and sadness, as necessary.

Green Cloak Brigade: Of Bini

Tivas, Reggie, and Serena return! Hopefully to actually develop a dimension or two! (Well, they'll probably just be backdrops in the future once Mina shows up... you Naz fans will love her, trust me) Anyway, yeah. So the GCBers mentioned above are out to discover evil-doers, avenge dead friends, and do all sorts of do-gooder deeds. Except Tivas, who lacks the cohesive thought to ever do anything he sets out to do.

The Rebellious Souls

Number 10 of the second set of Nazgrim stories. Amon journeys out in search of Naz, resulting in a rather severe confrontation between the pair. Much is made clear, much more made cloudy. Also, something is wrong with Noire...

The Glass Rose

Nazgrim #5, and a story for you Nazgrim-lovers out there. I know that Green Cloak Brigade was mega-cheerful compared to the first two, but from there unto the ending of story six, it'll only get worse. Nazgrim finds himself dwelling on his past, Alkaela especially. This story covers that whole plot arch while still finding time to advance to the overall plot, and reveal more of Grim's character than any other thus far. As you can guess, it'll be one of the longer one.

The Prices Paid

Story #12 of the second Nazgrim set. A tense state of calm has settled over Babel since the events of the previous story, with time dragging slowly on. The Griever is the one to take action now, bringing his full fury against the foes of the light-born...

The Wild Hunt

#3 in the second set of Nazgrim stories. Nazgrim and Amon make a social call to the most feared man in Lower Babel. Nazgrim starts a relationship with a new ladyfriend, and I think Amon is already starting to try and hog the spotlight.


(Now Nazgrim #3) Sequel to Ring of the Gorgon, where I tie up all those nasty loose ends like what happens in the aftermath of the battle, how Nazgrim frees himself, who is responsible for cursing Elle, and what does Nazgrim act like when he's not raining death on someone he cares about. Update: DEATH TO THE HAPPY ENDING!!! The much maligned 'mega-happy' ending has been replaced with something suitably moodier.

The Child

Story #5 of the new Nazgrim set. A furthering of characters, and introduction of a dynamo of a little girl named Tana. Not that she's comfortable enough around Naz's troupe to show it yet. Once again, Naz is taking in strays. Also, Mali pays a visit...

The Griever

Number 9 of the new Nazgrim series. In which we meet...well, the Griever. As you might infer from the title. Heavy on the description for my, which is probably a good thing. For the most part, this story follows Griever and his unlikely allies against the forces of the Wild Hunt. Also, Griever competes evenly with an extremely powerful enemy...

Ring of the Gorgon

(now Nazgrim #2) A short story that reads like a chapter of a larger work. And it kind of is, but not yet. This is just something that I haven't been able to get out of my head and found myself pounding out in a six hour block of time spent hunched over the keyboard. Many revisions, a new conflict of spells, and a new flashback happened while i waited for the current ticket to clear. I know the end does and does not seem final. Well, it's not. More happens after this, I just don't know if I'll write it. Probably will, when my brain rebels against too much pondering of Warrior's Fall and the following stories. Mage-to-mage combat is kind of fun to write... ^_^ A multitude of comments will sway my opinion about what to try and put up here... hint hint ok, slight update, fixed a few errors, because that kind of stuff bugs me. Changed the name of the demon summoned for the big final spell from Gravitas to Vanus, sounds better to me. It's Latin ^_^

The Hand of Kharon

Nazgrim #6. Picks up pretty soon after The Glass Rose, and Grim has been picking up steam ever since. But will all that power and vengeful wrath be enough when he finally confronts Emperor Barrund? How far is he willing to go to win? Will he truly pay any cost?

The Stray Cat Strut

Story #4 of the new Nazgrim set. Shameless titling reference to Cowboy Bebop (Stray Dog Strut). Ein is cool. Edward's better. In from the wings comes another new member of Nazgrim's little team (and guess what, it's a female), even though he's still doing all the work himself. Otherwise, all things go on as they have been. Naz is still angsty & angry, Amon continues to be his unsophisticated self, Vesulia is still a zealot, Theondres is teacher's pet, Onyaro is man-servant-ing, and Lilitu is mostly not present.

The Sleeper

Story #1 of the second set of Nazgrim stories, set a few thousand years in the future. As the title suggests, it is about someone who awakens. I suppose that not much happens here, especially compared to the first set of stories. These are a bit slower, fewer people are born with the kind of ridiculous powers Nazgrim and company were throwing around. New Setting: the tri-tiered city of Babel

The Way of the Overseer

#14, second set. Nazgrim's friends realize he is alive and set out to find him. Theondres and Nazgrim meet, and the momentum gathers...


I wrote this for my college class so I couldn't travel my usual and preferred path of hero/villain macho bravado man-to-man combat. So it becomes a fun little adventure in temptation instead. I do so prefer violence but this story has its own appeal, and also garnered me my highest grade in the college writing courses ^_^

Silken Shroud

(Officially, Naz #1. Yes, I know it's the newer than all the rest.) Here it is, the story of how Nazgrim and Annira ended up together. Including the backlog of how she ended up a rebel and such. Starts a little slow, I suppose, it's a big info-dump. But it's meant to explain a lot that has happened before; everything in here could probably have been two or three separate stories, but it's time for me to move on!

The Shell-Blade

Number 7 in the new Naz set. I came up with the idea for a shell-blade months prior to creating this character, thought about making a novel of it and thought better. What's this? A small band of heroes that are NOT a walking joke? Sorry, fans of the Green Cloak Brigade, but hey; I'm not totally opposed to the idea of giving them a story of their own anymore. Meet my new race, mekaens. At some point I'll have to explain how they work, but that wouldn't fit well into this story, so just rest assured it'll be included once it becomes relevent. (there's a char I hope will keep you Tivas fans happy :p) So, Naz and Noire are basking in the glow of their new relationship, and wasting no time mind you. In this story, Naz is 99.9% Elle-angst free, ladies and gents! At least, I think so...I'm bound to get angry comments anyhow...sigh... Two points for whoever picks out the line from 'The Crow' movie, a hidden little homage for one of my favs.

Zeno Brave: The Elemental Brave

Ok, seriously, this is the first story chronologically. Which is not to say nothing happens before this, just stuff better saved for flashbacks to heighten emotional moments in the future. Zeno (in all his pubescent glory) causes mischief and vexes his brother Xan to no end. Basically, that's the point of this story. The tale of how he became a Brave in the first place. Set years before the next story.

The Tower of Babylon

Number 8 of the new Nazgrim series. In which I start to return to the beginning, the beginning of the evolution of Nazgrim into the Hand of Vanus, as fate demands. Here is the beginning of Nazgrim's destiny. Nazgrim's group has gathered together at his request, though he keeps his reasons to himself. Mali shows up, and some backstory becomes clear as tension between light-born and dark-born soar to new heights (lame pun intended). Again, tip of the hat to Kaeli. The 'Absinthe' line (you should know it when you find it) is shamelessly stolen from a comment she made. Because I have no shame ^_^

The Wolf

#2 of the new set of Nazgrim stories. Nazgrim, Vesulia, and Naz's new apprentice Theondres take a field trip. They meet the title character. No one is wearing a red riding hood.


The beginning of someone. Consider a work in progress, and more a segment of someone's background that didn't quite make it into the Nazgrim set more than an actual story. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending, lacks that series' standard flair.

The Last Light

#15, second set. The end of the second set, and probably the last Nazgrim-centric story I'll write. Chronologically, I mean. Well, it's the end. There's not a lot to say that won't give everything away; since we're talking end of the world, everything will either come together or fall apart. No inbetweens, no time for that. Mod's Choice? It's about time someone finally realized my greatness... HAHA! Kidding, like I ever expected to get one. This one doesn't even dethrone Glass Rose as my fav Naz story...

Zeno Brave: In Service of the Dark Lord

This is the forth story. Zenithos, the Rogue Brave, doing his usual thing. The name Zenithos is never brought up though, he goes by Zeno. Not really the type to trouble with formalities. He's a rather casual, friendly kind of person, he's just a teensy bit sociopathic. A man on a mission, but things start to get complicated. Not set in a pure fantasy world, I wanted some elements of technology since I don't write much like that. Not much here, but the history I'm pondering for Zeno will have more of that.

Zeno Brave: Sephina

Ok, this is the second earliest Zeno story chronologically. Why am I writing them backwards, you ask? I don't know. Because I'm writing the Naz ones forward, maybe? Anyway, here's the deal; Zeno was out being Zeno the night before, now he's stranded in the middle of the woods, improperly dressed, getting into all sorts of mischief. Intrigued? Read on. A tip of the hat to Kaeli for a few comedy pointers, apparel in particular. *tips his imaginary hat*

The Ascension

Story #11 of the second Nazgrim set. Nazgrim makes a major push into light-born territory in search of Tana, causing a great deal of pain and strife in the process. A last, desperate attempt to protect the Angel of Light is made, and the result...