Anders Enlund

Hello people. I have some bad news. I recently had a harddrive crash. the FAT went mad and wouldn't be repaired. So as a result of that every single one of my drawings are lost. So you will never get to see any of the latest 10-15 drawings I did. Ah whatever. Shit happens. only way to often. But I'll give you a teaser that I did the other night. =) Oh, yea. Here you have some links to some, in my oppinion, very good artists here in elfwood and the zone.Jose M. Rodriguez This is my absolute fav lothlorien artist (for the moment). his pencil drawings are everything I with mine were. So Vindaloo Beast' MK One word. wow. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law I dont know what to say. just visit her and look for yourself. Linda Bergkvist Wohoo. it's a swedish girl. and a talanted one too. Christian A. Iken. Now THIS is quality. Andi Rocha If it is realism and sexy ladies with swords you want. I just LOVE his 'Girl2' picture. Charles Ermine Hall Eh... well. This guy also draws sexy ladies with seords. I guess I like that sort of stuff. =) Isca Lox aka Tasha Kotraseva' Now THIS is art. So diferent. So wonderful. So much feeling in it. I LOVE it. ....and she colored one of my pics to =) Sean C. Riley I duno what to say about this guy. Just go have a look by yourself and you'll understund why I put his url here. William Li Now were talking real photo realism. Have a look at that archer. Becca Collins A cute girl from the #loth. You simply have to see her stuff. She is just too good. Julia Jane (Shi-Chan) Bakes She was the firstone ever to coment on my work so shedeserves a link. Maria Evgenievna Tsodokova Some girl i mett on the irc chanel. You simply have to have a look at that 'redhead' of hers. it is wonderful.