C. Mead

Hello, and welcome. I am now a young girl of 14 living in France, going to adult advanced painting and drawing classes. I have loved drawing since a very young age and go around telling everybody that it is my vital essence lol^^. I discovered the works of Tolkien only two years ago, you might say it was a big "illumination", because I started drawing more and more fantasy stuff, principally elfs, magicians, demons and spirits (like Tolkien, I do NOT like fairies...exept the evil ones perhaps! Xp). My two other main sources of inspiration are manga (or anime) graphics and Celtic art (which was, like you say in France^^ a coup de foudre: a big shock: it was after visiting the menhirs at Carnac in Brittany.      So I have two "styles": one is anime, the other is...well, a weird mix of realism-celtic-new art! lol I want to become an art and/or history of art student, do study at the Louvre school, and also work at the Louvre, which I think is the coolest museum in the world!

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