Sorcha Gypsy

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Jojo Collins

In this pecific section of story, Sorcha runs away from King's Court mourning from loss of her husband and stands out in the pouring rain next to a road in hope to hitch-hike with a merchant and live with him and his family as a gypsy. A wagon finally stops and a fat mustached man comes out and asks Sorcha what she wants. A home she tells him, she mentions that she is ranked most 'beautiful woman in King's court' and she is also the best warrior. The merchant tells her he has no need for a violent warrior, but he will take her as a girl as long as she promises not to toy with weapons. She promises and boards the wagon. On the way to the big city where the merchants family ( The merchant, his wife, his five nearly grown children and their three close cousins ,and their granmother) live Sorcha learns that she will be treated like a daughter because she will be married off to a wealthy 'close' nephew named Rayhr. Rayhr visits them often and every time they try to produce to a wife for him (becuz he will give them 30 grand if they do). Rayhr comes, and Sorcha and him absolutely hate each other the first time they lie eyes on each other. Rayhr is very greedy and evil, so when the family offer her hand in marriage, he looks write into her green eyes, smirks, and agrees all in spite. Even though Rayhr has over 19 wives, he tells Sorcha that she will be his 'public social'  wife meaning she will go to all kinds of royal events as his one and only wife, even though he has many. I hope I am making sense. Sorcha visits the seer who tells her her duty to prophesy is to kill Rayhr. on her way home, she meets the Town's outcast Clovis who she falls immediantly inlove with (now don't freak out, Sorcha will have more than 9 husbands in various places at least once in the story). Clovis and Sorcha get married in secret and her and him love each other more than she's ever loved anyone else before. After many terrible years of marriage with Rayhr, Sorcha manages to kill him in a battle in which King's Court invade in order to win Sorcha back. Rayhr tells the Merchant family that her work is done and that she must leave (they knew about her duties already), so with tearsin her eyes, she covers her dirty blonde hair with a shawl and runs away without telling Clovis (he would be endangered if she brought him w/ her).

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