Amanda O'Dell

08/07/01 O_o 2 updates in 2 days?! How can this be? K, so I changed my 'me' pic to one taken a couple of weeks. The whole 'sex kitten' look is not standard Amanda, but I had a nice nap that day and was feeling feisty, so... mrrreow. (Jeb, this is all your fault.) And uploading is available, so new pics. Can you hear my excitement? BTW, I set up that whole LiveJournal thingee, but haven't written a single word, which seems to defeat the purpose of it, ne? I'm new to this whole 'writing' thing, so tips are much appreciated. Oh yeah, deleted more pics, cause I'm tired of looking at them. skaack. 08/06/01 Wah-lah! The wonder of Elfwood is back up, and I do rejoice. Uploading is not currently available, so spin yourself over to EQFANART to get your daily hit of Elfquest fan art (500+ pics). Nyah. 05/22/01 Couple new pics added. Hey, requests are open again! BUT, I'm only taking them through my Elfquest club:EQFANART,so you've got to be a member. Plus, there are tons of other artists there (much better than me), many of which are happy to take requests. Check it out... or else... BTW, almost up to 400 Elfquest-related pics. 02/12/01 Crud. So guilt has finally gotten to me, and I've removed any canon-Elfquest characters from my Elfwood gallery. My apologies for the pitiful leftovers, but this is not my site, and I totally respect the site-owner's rules and policies, neh? No new pics (duh), but lots of deletions. Woo-hoo! Wanna see all those pics I just removed? Get thee to my Yahoo! club dedicated to Elfquest fan art (featuring both canon and original characters): EQFANART. The great thing about this club? Well, I'm a member, so lucky you. Oh, yeah, it's got a couple hundred Elfquest piccies by more than 35 different artists if you're into that sorta thing. Downside? You gotta join the club to actually view the pics. Sorry peeps, no way around it. Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before about how Yahoo! stinks. Whatever. I like it, and I'm stickin' to it until the fabled Unofficial, Offical Elfquest Fan Art site unofficially, officially gets built and posted. Yahoo! clubs are waaaaay to easy to maintain for lazy slugs like me. If you get stuck anywhere along the way with the club enrollment process, or want to send me some interesting hate mail that'll give me a good chuckle (I LOVE hate mail), feel free to pop me a line (strung together with letters that form words, that hopefully form cohesive sentences -- can you tell I only got 3 hours of sleep last night?). Use the email link on this page, or through the club page (they're different -- two ways to get a hold of me and harass me! YES!). Okay, I'm done wasting space. ;-P