Lord of the Xavtaurs

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Xaviron Deserables

This is an image of what I would truly love to look like, of course you do realize that I  don't have such a fine body in real life...LOL! This is called a XavTaur, it has the body of a man mixed with a centaur, it is a very original idea and i'm very proud of it Mainly the Xavtaurs are warrior like you can see on this picture....LOL! But they are also very skilled at arcane magic because they are at war against the equitaurs who are horses with the body of an horse wich is a VERY clever idea too!!  The equitaurs use the cristal of BAUHMBRETAX to be able to use arcane magic, this crystal was left by the stegosaurs, the original creators of magic and the true masters of necromancy, in fact they used their powerful necromancy to sacrifice themselves and all the dinosaurs to save the world from the girotaurs....well... I guess I could talk all day about how stegosaurs are great and powerful but that would be a little off topic now right? ;) ...For those who are still interested in Stegosaurs, they were very good at making swords and armors, they created magic swords that inflicted earth damage and armor against wind , because they were very weak to wind...yes...wind caused them many problems....  

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