Sihe Lioz

Sihe draws way too much. Plus, last time she checked in a mirror, she was a small yellow fluffy demon (see profile picture)    I like Greek and Norse Mythology, plus horses (mythical, theoretical, model and real). Favourite movies The Dark Crystal, Princess Mononoke, Nuasika Valley of the Winds Favourite books Do things in the Wyvern's Library count ? Favourite music "Ra Ra Rasputin" by Boney M

The Seers- 02

The second chapter in the seers stories.

The Evil Unicorn Poem

The poem is about a battle between the unicorns and the pegasi. The unicorns have obviuosly won.

The Seers- 01

The kick start to another story (with at least one other chapter).

Story 1- Enviromentalists and Broken Limbs

A short(ish) story in (what I hope to be) a series. Note that knowledge of roman mythology will help.

Pegasus Haiku

A series of Haikus (japanese poem where the syllables go 5,7,5) about a pegasus.

The Seers- Prologue

The prologue to a story obviously about seers ;p . planning it to be six chapters long

Story 4- Laughing Tracks and Crisis Aparitions

Yet another one in the 'Story' series. (Note: There was a hiatus, though I didn't send the ticket for along time since the first stories were put on it, so there was a hiatus, but not a noticable one)

The Sun Horse

This is a slightly weird story. Please note that there is know such constellation

Story 3- Giant's Cooking Shows and Death by Mint

I am planning to go on hiatus with short stories, though I will return to them. I congratulate myself on managing the phrase 'Death by Mint' in this story.

The Evil Unicorn Poem

self explanatory. a silent verse poem about evil unicorns

Story 2- Archaeological digs and Live Television

Number 2 in my short story (possibly mini)series. If you enjoyed number 1 this, though short, is a recommended (by me of course) read!

Organic Programmer

This is a story, possibly with a sequel, about a world- famous organic programmer (a person who uses a special computer program to genetically engineer things). I think I might have put some my philosophies in there.