Valerie Yancey

I love basicly any thing that has to do with fantasy. Dragons, werewolves, vampires, u name it. I somtimes try to wright a book, but when it starts to get good, i get writers block!!!!!!!!! But I'm best known for my drawings. I can draw dragons pretty well, i've changed my style several times, and when all of my art is posted you'll be able to tell.I love dogs. I have 4 dogs: a loso opso, a bullmastiff, a german shepard, and chiwawa mix thing(not sure what he is.) Took the puppy to a shelter because he snaps and snarls when I try to correct him. I like Drawing, reading, and video games. Favourite movies A couple of my favorite scifi movies are: The Mist and Tin Man. Pirtes of the Carribean (1-3) Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. Favourite books My favorite fantasy books are the dragonlance chronicles. The Redwall series, Guardians of Ga'hoole, Eragon and Eldest (even though I have yet to finish it ^^) Favourite music Nox Arcana (Instramental) really creepy music. Sometimes Country.