Emily Ramos

Writing, writing, writing. I am busily working on my World stories, of which some are already posted here.  This is the bulk of what I will be updating regularly. "Quest for Salvation" is the working title for the World series right now, please focus on that first, and don't forget to comment! Also, I am fully enmeshed in another semester of school with papers to write every week and massive amounts of reading. Because of this, creative writing is, unfortunately, not a primary priority. And when I do get around to writing, it is only short sections that are nowhere near my normal quality.  SO please be patient with me.Here are a couple of great writers, but please don't neglect my "favorites" because they are all very good as well.Elfwood writer: Emma Kathryn McDonaldElfwood writer: Ray ~Aeon Aurora~ Krisman I like reading, writing, crocheting, hiking, studying Favourite movies Stargate (all), Angel, Firefly, Serenity, and Queen of the Damned, Gattaca, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and many, many more Favourite books far too many to name here, but a couple favorite series are the "Noble Dead Saga" by Barb and JC Hendee, and "A Thousand Words for Stranger" by Julie E. Czerneda. My favorite authors are Robin Hobb and Sherwood Smith. I highly recommend anything that they write. Favourite music anything that speaks to me

A Distant Memory

I'm not sure how to describe this, because I feel like it would give it away (since it's such a short story). But I'll try! It's basically, this guy remembering his life with someone at a crucial point in his own life.Suggested Listening: "Another Way You Can Die" from the album Night Castle by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Teyla's Story

Just a short background story to a character for a book I hope to someday finish. Therefore I know it's pretty undeveloped because the developement comes in the actual story. I haven't decided yet if I want to include this at the begining of that story or leave Teyla's origins mysterious.

The Sickness, Prologue and Chapter One

Khepri is a student and her mentor is a sort of ambasador and if i say anymore it'll be spoilers so i'll be quiet. :)