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This is my muse.  Obviously.  He's a cool sort of dude, we get along quite well.  He's just graduated from muse school, so he's new to musing, but all the same he's pretty good.  Got a natural feel for it, and is firm enough with me to make sure I stick with things.  And he still hasn't told me his name; maybe you can help me guess.  I know that it starts with Q.  So right now I call him Q, and I think he likes it (he's a Star Trek fan, like yours truly).  Anyways, Q is terribly old-fashioned; he loves that outfit, and I have to admit that it looks good on him.  (Better than that stupid vest my last muse wore.  Erlack.)  He thinks the cape makes him look 'dashing.' What do you think?  He's a demon that went straight.  As a result, my brain is sort of smoky-smelling, which is rather appropriate for a pyromaniac like myself, wouldn't you say?  Anyways, he tells me stories about the nether realms while I'm drawing, and they are pretty funny, some of them.  Who says demons can't have fun?  Like the time Sxril put purple dye in Q's shampoo and he turned brown for a fortnight.  Q didn't think it was that funny, but I almost died.  Or the time one of the topsiders (demons posing as humans) smuggled a u-haul of fireworks past security.  Let's see, explosives + land of fire = do the math.  Hoo boy.  Lucifer was not a happy camper.  (St. Gabriel, on the other hand, thought the episode was hilarious.  But that's another story.)  I mean hey, if you were immortal, wouldn't you be looking for things to do?  I understand Satan's library is quite extensive, but even books get old after a while. EDIT:  He told me his name.  Here goes.  Quentin Quinn Xavier Quark.  And for some reason he pronounces 'Xavier' like 'egg-savior.'  ?? (I rescued a shipment of eggs, that's why.  But it took too long to spell.) Hm.  Really.  Eggs in the nether realms?  Who'da thunk?  (The inmates don't get any.  We do.  Eggs are part of a balanced breakfast.)  0.0   Demons care about balance?  (Not really.)  Then why...?  (I'll explain later.) But - (LATER.)  Would y'all tell Q to shaddup about the eggs?

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