Mikel Erdakos

Hello, I'm Mikel Erdakos. I live to Draw, Sculpt with Clay, and Paint. Though my favorite past-time is Drawing when ever bored. I dont have a real job, but I go to a Local Community College until my Credits are high enough to go to Collumbia in Down-Town Chicago. Which until its also affordable to me. I make my ends doing random Color pencil art and selling them to Friends or Stranger who just like my style. I'm putting together a Stand at a Local Flea Market in the Chicago area of Swop O Rama. I'm also posting together a Gallery site seperate to my Elfwood Gallery to auction off past works and to improvise a Commissions Section for anyone that wishs for me to Design, and Color something they want done. I also enjoy Movies, Rock(Classic,Metal,Alternative) & Jazz(Acid). Cartoons are also my past-time when something worth wild is on the Idiot Box.