Ulises Garcia

Thanks for your comments here in my gallery, I have many E-mails asking me what programs do I use, well, the programs are Vue D´Espirit, Bryce, Poser, Illusion, Infini-D, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Universe, 3D Studio Max, Amorphium and a little of Lightwave. (now I can add Illustrator and Animorph!) Usually I don´t put this, but I feel that I need to repost it because a few bad experiences in elfwood and my other gallery: the pics that you see here are actually protected by International Author Property, (because it will be a written novel), I put the chars here because I like to show others my work, and: you can use the pics in here as computer wallpapers or to save in your hard drive and see it, BUT YOU CAN NOT USE THEM AS YOURS, if you try it you will be very sorry, ask me for any other use for these images... Bio: Age: 29!!! Happy birthday to me!!! Sex: Male Ocupation: Videogame designer Likes: AD&D, and Warcraft III Dislikes: bad videogames... Favorite Videogame Character: Hmmmm... between Angel and Kula Diamond Favorite Warcraft 3 race: Humans... (there is anything that can survive a Flame Pillar, Blizzard and Thunder Clap at the same time????????) Favorite Cartoon Character: Raven from Teen Titans!!! News: I have done one great pic with my friend Tsune Orozco, you can see it under 'Battle' name, is here and in his gallery!!! :D   Here are links to galleries of beautiful and amazing art!!!, many of them are friends of mine!!!, please visit them!!!   } HERE!!! to visit the gallery of Nayoa, she is amazing with manga style!!!, and she is a good friend of mine!!! HERE!!! to visit the gallery of Helen White, she has a beautiful style of drawing!, she also is a good fiend of mine!!! HERE!!! to visit the gallery of Tsune Orozco, he´s a friend of my art school!!!, he also help me with the new web page and have his art in there!!!, visit him and his amazing Orcs!!! HERE!!! to visit Kyoka and her amazing art!!!, his drawings are so beautiful!!!, she is also a good friend!!!, go and visit her!!! HERE!!! to visit Zankotsu and her beautiful pics!!!, she is another good friend!!!, go and visit her!!! HERE!!! to visit Deirdra Peirce, you have to see all her art about Scotlyn and her illustrated books!!!, she is awesome!!!, go and visit her!!! HERE!!! to visit Manuela Duczeminska, beautiful art and a gorgeous style!!!, go and visit her too!!! HERE!!! to visit Jonathan Mayer, the most incredible LOTR art that I have ever seen!!! go and see his incredible gallery!!! HERE!!! to visit Ayaka Kakiuchi, wanna see some great vampires? then this is the site!!! I like Programming and Videogames Favourite movies Discovery/History Channel Favourite books Conan the Barbarian Favourite music Delerium