Hovering Hive Kaiju

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Eric Trumble

Finally got this done, its been a while. It's not necessarily a final name, but this has one of the few temporary names that's grown on me. It kind of surprised me just how different this thing looks when you're looking up at it, I had been convinced it was just sorta dorky looking, but then I drew this looking up at it for the first time, instead of downwards or from the side, and I'm all like "Oh, it's like a giant, levitating sarlac pit now."It's currently going to be the main enemy in the seventh part of my ridiculously over sized story...Veika is an alien entity that originally hails from a gas giant, where life has to constantly fly or float to avoid dying, one of the many 'meteor monsters' from the story I'm writing, that landed near Istanbul in Turkey. The city has over the decades been transformed into an enormous hive for its bee-wasp workers and defenders.It can float about or root itself with its outer tentacles, its top can spin about a little and helps it fly, but it generally hovers on its own. When it roots itself it excretes something of a waxy substance that coats whatever it latches onto, which serves as additional housing for te flying creatures it has a symbiotic relationship with. The flying creatures help feed Veika and provide some of its defense by swarming in the thousands like a bee hive. Veika is a slow being and doesn't have much capacity to dodge anything but its sheer scale allows it to absorb a lot of blows even on the kaiju scale. Its eyes form a ring about its body, giving it 360 degree vision without much in the way of blind spots except for above and directly below itself. However its eyes are primitive, allowing it to make out light, shadow and movement, but it doesn't have a detailed image of the world around it. It can swing its outer tentacles in relatively fast, sweeping whip-like attacks and usually more than one at a time so it can respond to attacks from multiple angles. Its two interior tentacles are slower but pack much more power, it generally uses them for feeding when something larger comes within reach or is herded there by its symbiotic fliers. All of them can ensnare an opponent and fling it around or drag it through obstacles.

Published More than a year ago

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