Jeez, some of this stuff is oooold. I want to delete some of the older ones, but I'd feel bad deleting the ones people went through the trouble of commenting on. 'Guess I'll leave 'em till I start to need more space. I'm working on a couple cartoons now, and so far I've got one episode of one cartoon here. You can see it here. And this time, people actually noticed it. It got Daily 3rd Place, and will be listed in the Weekly Top 20 for a week. I'm working on a fantasy series, and eventually I'll get character illustrations up here. Characters like Girhan, Roz, Devin, Klahdi, Rin, and Shinnya are in the new cartoon, but so far I haven't posted illustrations of all of them. When I'm done with the first cartoon, it'll be on the website: There will be cartoons and comics by other people there once we get everything ready for the big update. It's been slow, but it's in progress.