Erin Perry

Man, I'm so sorry it's always so long between updates.  Sometimes keeping up with different websites and art galleries is just too difficult for me, since I'm lazy by nature ^^.  I should really write more info about me... This gallery has alot of my old work on it.  Alot of stuff that I did when I was in High School, actually.  During college I didn't really do alot of fantasy/sci-fi work, so I sadly neglected this page.  Now that I'm my own woman again (lol), I've been getting back into it.  Some of my other interests include reading, writing poetry, football (especially the New England Patriots), Poker, music, playing videogames, and watching anime.  I am addicted to crystallized ginger, horseradish chedder cheese, and green tea.  I'm an insomniac and I hate the cold. If you happen to see my artwork floating around somewhere on the web without a link or a credit to me, please email me and let me know.  If you would like to use my artwork for whatever reason, please email me and ask.  I'm always willing to talk to nice people.  If you don't get a prompt reply that means I've been lazy about checking my email, so try leaving a message at the link to the right (online gallery).  Thanks muchly and enjoy the artwork. ^^