Whoo! So you've found your way to my page of stories. Most of my Elfwood stuff needs updating, but nothing needs more work than this page. That doesn't mean it's garbage. Most of my work here is in a style that I no longer really use, and when I look back on some of it I almost want to shoot myself in the foot. Then I realize that this would be incredibly painful and that it would be much less painful (and cheaper if you wanna talk hospital bills) to just delete all I have written here. But I haven't, yet, and probably won't for awhile. So all this rambling has got me nowhere. Back to the whole actual topic. So! basically the stuff here is me trying to find my voice. There is a series story here that will probably never be finished, and a couple stories with interesting ideas, but they ought ot be re-worked. I was thinking about re-working 'Eternity' just the other day actually. ....but again I digress (dear lord what is it with me tonight? I blame it on high energy levels and the fact that it's 2:08 am). After writing 'The Woods' I got distracted from the second bit of it with the inspriation for two other stories. computer crashed. Both stories and what was written of 'The Woods' were lost. Much angst. So I was able to roughly save 'The Bounty Hunter' and fix that one up, because I LOVE the main character and his story WILL be written one day.....but not now. And then....! I began work on what was to be another short story for this page. Huh. Started getting a bit long. Perhaps I'd break it up into segments. Huh. I kinda like this story. Huh. Alot of people kinda like this story. Huh. This story has kinda alot to say imho. Huh. This story is NOTHING like what it began as. So there you have it. I'm trying to make it into a book. I've also written part of another short story which I must say is really very good (because it was written as I was feeling the emotions protrayed), but has no place here, alas. Why on earth did I drag you, the poor reader through all this? Well, it's because I thought it to be somewhat important for you to understand my author history. It's also 2:21 am. I do weird things at such hours. I also do my best writing at weird hours but my god I'm doing it again. Another reason I've gone off like this? Well, if you're here, you like to read. Ha. So read away! Enjoy, leave a crituque if you so desire and please remember that this stuff is at least one and a half years old, and one and a half years ago I was 16. *nod* Right. I'll stop torturing you now.

The Stone

Two lovers go in search of a fabled stone that may save their village and people from destruction.


This story just came to me, completely formed. It's a bit depressing I'm afraid. It's about a man who wants nothing more than to live forever with his love.


A man's thoughts as he's dying on a battlefield.

The Woods: Part 1

This story was origianally meant to be about the same length as The Stone, but as I began writing, it took on a life of its own, so I'm putting it up in sections. It's about two friends who go hiking in the woods, I let you go from there....