Sarah Vernon

Harry Potter rocks. I participate in roleplay here, and lo, it is good. I play Erinn, a small fairy who attends Hogwarts - commonly known as Wasted (as in the Wasted Fairy... it's a whole screenname thing) due to her love of alkyhol and general miscreanty behaviour. Except she also has a tendency to annoy evil people. It doesn't help that a book's been written about how fairy blood is an extremely powerful component in many spells of black magic. But, in fact, none of these pictures will probably make sense to you. Anyway, they're all of Erinn in her various guises, apart from a couple which are of other characters from the same RPverse.

Haunted Youth

When Lauren was seven, she watched her five-year-old sister die. But why could no one explain little Katie's death? The second story I submitted for my creative writing dissertation on ghosts.


A syllabics poem I had to write for my poetry class. It was to do with structured lines and stanzas - each line is 8 syllables long, each stanza 4 lines, 8 stanzas. The meaning is supposed to be open to interpretation.

Memento Mori

I wrote this story for my Short Story module in my final year of university. I was very pleased with it when I did it, but I didn't get the mark I anticipated. *mutters* I'm still fond of it, though. I like the idea of a travel writer wandering through this fantasy land learning about all the legends and things. And probably eventually getting brutally killed, just cos. The idea is supposed to be similar to the Pied Piper... we were taught about taking fairy tales as inspiration, y'see.

Beneath The Shadows

This was my final piece of coursework for my second year creative writing module. I got a 2.1 (B) which is pretty good at university level. I thought it up while walking home in the dark...

The Bogeyman

Another one for the contemporary poetry project, and one that has also been published in the university creative writing magazine, Ink. This one has been received pretty well - it was my tutor's favourite out of the ten poems that I handed in.

Dead Inside

Another poem for class... like 'Ghost', it's a syllabics poem. Originally I wrote it in free verse, but it didn't really work... it seemed to demand structure. I have to hand in ten poems after Christmas... this is number five. Wouldn't be surprised if more fantasy ones crept in. This poem started with the phrase 'I think my muse is dead' which came to me on a night out, weirdly. I ended up writing most of it in a boring lecture... admire my work ethic.

Mirror Image

Julia, a lonely housewife dominated by her husband is visited at night by a horrifying creature, terrifying in its familiarity... The first story I submitted for my creative writing dissertation project. If you liked this, please check out Haunted Youth, the other story I submitted for my dissertation, and Spectres in Sanctuary, the picture I drew for the front cover! ‘Spectres in Sanctuary’ is, incidentally, the title of the whole dissertation.