Johan Jartelius

Neithet old nor young. Father of one. Student and teacher both. Favourite movies LOTR, naturally. Also Princess Bride. As for TV-shows I can't say I've found many that really appeal to me... Dark Angel, perhaps. Favourite books LOTR. Any and all by Terry Pratchett. Any and all by Stephen Donaldson. I read a lot of Ursula LeGuin a while back, Susan Cooper (Dark is Rising series). Asimov will always be a favorite. WoT, obviously. These days I read mainly popular science stuff. Favourite music Dylan. Costello. Graham Parker. The Walkabouts. Neil young. Tanita Tikaram. The Beatles. Coldplay. Olle Lindvall.


An homage to Robert Rankin. In no way up to his standards. The toot that is talked is no-where near what it should be. And there's no pub in sight, though all the action is in a lunatic asylum, so that accounts for something. Please comment ruthlessly! 

Heroic Fantasy

Dear Reader,This was written for a good friend some years back.Tamira is in trouble. She is to be sacrificed to the Gods. In the Empire, this is not really a good career move.What is the price of rescue? What is it to be put on a pedestal? Why do big men with big muscles want to save others? Why do high priests have a fetish for curved knives with a hook on the end?Please read, please comment! The Author

Reality 2

Maybe I have some sort of theme here. Please read. Please comment!


A glimpse. A short story, perhaps. Call it an update, if you will - or perhaps just a step in the direction of me posting more frequently.It is hoped any reader will enjoy, and please give me feedback!

The Tragedy of Ganywed and Sir Redolos

One of the most famous love stories in the world, retold by a very dry academic. This was written as background to a world I was creating.


Parental guidance of the 20somethingth century. My first upload. Any and all feed back is gratefully received.