My name is Jessi and Im 26 yrs old, and the mom to 9 sugar gliders, two cats, and a fish. I love to draw, paint, and whatever has to do with art (though mostly drawing and painting) when ever I can. I have always been in love with art. Anime is only one of my strong points, I think, but at at the same time it is one of my weakest. A person can never be the best at anything, and in saying that and remembering that I always try to do something different, something better. Hence the noticable change in style with my work. I love to write stories and poetry. To watch the sun rise and set, things like that.  Enjoy my stuff and PLEASE tell me what you think??? Feel free to IM me and talk to me, I love meeting new people. Thank you all for visiting!! I like Drawing, painting, and whatever has to do with art (though mostly drawing and painting). Playing my bass. Watching (and drawing!!) anime. Writing stories and poetry. Listening to music. Watching the sun rise and set. And watching football GO SKINS GO!! Favourite movies almost anything anime, LOVE Dragonheart, and all the Tim Bertin films. Favourite music Metal, Rock, and mostly everything else save for Rap... yuk!! LOVE Evanescence and Bullet for My Valentine!!!