Oh what a nice surprise to go on the extranet and discover I can write my text in color!!^^ HURRAY!! this text will!! oO Blue is nice! I like blue! Blue is a nice color!^^ BLUE PAWA!!! >.I did some little changes on my bio...(by exemple: the blue letters^^) I hope I don't do too many mistakes...Since my Elfwood account’s creation (wich wasn't blue at all v_v) , I’ve changed A LOT! I’m still the motivated thing I used to be, of course! Drawing totally became my life and my freedom. I play a lot of role playing games...and just...simply discover the joy of putting it on paper. (similar as the blue joy) What else new about me...I do not fence anymore, but I do kendo. *martial art of katana* My project of future: going in movie realisation!! YAY!!^^ If you want to give some idea, you’re free to do it! (But you must like the color of this text! o_O)Run away for your lives!!!! Zombi-stelle is alive!!! >:[ .....*braeuh!!!braeuh!!!(walk directly into a blue wall...)*oh and by the way, enjoy my gallery!!;) ..........and also the blue color! May the blue force be with you v_V.......o_O What?!  PS: you can also see more of my art at ^^ enjoy! I like Drawing, singing, playing D&D, painting, decorating, theater, music, etc. Favourite movies I don't watch TV. But, I do like watching animes! I love Tim Burton's movies and Disney's masterpieces. Favourite books Harry Potter, Unforgotten Reamls series... Favourite music I listen classic, opera, hard, symphonic and melodic metal aaaaand movie soundtracks.