Tobyana Sprite

Haha, wow, I have not updated this in a REALLY long time.  It said something about photostudio, and about to get photoshop for the first time ever?  Lets see, I'm going to go with at LEAST five years ago.  Probably way more than that.Anyways, I am in the process of uploading my newer pieces.  And I will be deleting some of my older pieces.  When I'm not being lazy.  Currently in school for Animation, a program that is quite litterally beating the crap out of me.  I have very little free time, so durring the school semester I will likely be AFK fairly regularly. Ummm...  enjoy the new work?  And thanks for checking out my page! I like Four Player Mahjong. Art... Hanging with my friends... yay for reading about a boring person. Favourite movies Current Scifi TV Addiction: Warehouse 13 Favourite books I <3 Tamorah Pierce books. I <3 Deborah Chester Books. I don't read very much anymore. Not that I don't love it. First thing I did when summer got out was read about 5 books in roughly 2 weeks. However, I'm broke, and my available time when school is in session is... lets put it this way. Sleep? A fading memory. Food? Achieved only when multi tasking. Animating with one hand and shoving a sandwich down my throat with the other? A VERY useful skill!