Not long ago, my drawings looked like those of an average twelve-year-old. Then I asked my friend Casby to teach me to draw. A few scribbly hours later I had a picture I'd never have *dreamed* I could produce. I know my art can't hold a candle to the best in Elfwood, but I'm still grinning all over my face at being able to hold any sort of light source to anyone at all. And Casby is now my boyfriend. :) Read my stories! I write better than I draw! :) Update: Casby has left Elfwood after the ERB deleted half his pictures for being too erotic... but you can still see all his art here. My friend Miwa does exquisitely pretty gothic/anime-style art. If you've been around Elfwood for a while you're probably very familiar with these artists - if not, don't miss: Johanna and Liselotte! The twin deities of punk-goth-faerie-freaky art. *dances naked round a bonfire in worship* My online friend Sän, who is a *yummy* artist and full-time cat girl, and she writes good stories too. Terrifying Talent: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law; William Li; Meilin Wong; Utakata Houjyou; Natalia Pierandrei. Best Bishounen: Liu Yiqing; Arron (Erin) Blue Rose; Tang Sin Yun; Nicola Ann Broughton; Jeanne D'arc Wing Yan Price. (Remember to check out these people's Zone/Fanquarter galleries as well.)