Catriona as Titania and Puck

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Yves Jacques

This is the 'flower of Cupid' scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream (yes, that indistinctly scanned blob in Puck's hand is a magic purple love-juice flower.) My friend asked me to draw her in both parts :) Hmm. I'm not too pleased with the composition, or the odd proportions of Titania...I just hadn't taken a step back and looked at it as a whole. But *apart* from that, I'm very pleased with this. Titania's face is a really good likeness of Catriona (who's notoriously undrawable). Puck's isn't, but frankly I wasn't even expecting one out of two :) I had a lot of fun with the weird elements in this picture - the unbelievably time-consuming hair and skirt, the hat design (spot the multi-layered jester/cute pixie/horned god implications there), the wings and of course that delightfully impractical ivy G-string.

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