Jacie A. Everdell

(6/1/03) Update... Not erally much to say this update, just hope you like what ive put up. Seriously, I would like to thank all the ppl who have commented on my pics, that means alot to me. Now as far as my hand drawn stuff goes, I ALWAYS draw with a mechanical pencil. And I love my caligraphy pen and my 'Caran d'Ache' watercolor pencils. Im obsessed with elves if you havent noticed (^O_O^). Am working on drawing guys, although still really horrible at it. And thats just my life. Im the 21 year old mother of a very beautiful son (hes 3 years old), and the wife of a loving husband. My hobbies include... drawing (never would have guessed that one huh?) Martial Arts (Kajukenbo Tum-Pai), RPG's of all types (console and tabletop), watching my sons 'smiling eyes', Watching Anime shows (mostly 'Ranma 1/2' and now 'Inu_Yasha'), and procrastinating on housework as much as possible. Please feel free to explore and let me know what you think.