Evgenia Auslender

To be alive you must feel the weakness Before you die you must taste love For the eternity is not worth achiving With a soul empty and blind to passion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.s. Adrian, i`d like to hear from you in case you drop by p.s.s. Man, i`m sure you said something nice in that comment of yours, but ì`d also like to know what did it mean, i`m clueless in latin. p.s.s.s. Jihane! give me a hint that you are still in this world! p.s.s.s.s. as for everyone else WELCOME! and if you got some interesting pictures of yourself or friends and you`d like to see them all twisted (usualy in a good way) up here, just send me emails. ( but i dont promise to work on each and single one)