Hello, I'm just going to do this the easy way, cause, well, I'm lazy and hate doing bios. So yea... here it goes. Name: Evie aka Evren... I go by either so whatever nestles your nips is fine by me. Age: Turned 17 in February. Location: A hot smoldering hole of hell I am forced to call home... Las Vegas... *cringe*Music: My Chemical Romance, AFI, System of a Down, Disturbed, Nirvana, Collective Soul, Three Days Grace, 10 Years, Rise Against, Static X, Mudvayne, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Korn, Linkin Park, Staind... anything rock, some metal, and some pop rock is okay, and few other things here and there. Movies: Horror, oh yea!Status: Oh So single! Appearance: Ummm I am quite... well... voluptuous so if you piss me off I will sit on you! =) Hehe Just kidding! I also have 3 tattoos, and 5 piercings (nose, eyebrow, antibrow, lip, and lower chest). I have black wild curly hair and deep brown eyes. So yea. 'So now, go and oogle at my goodies and leave me comments. As always of course you leave me comments, and... I leave you comments. I am always up for a good chat too and some friends, so don't be afraid to e-mail me... I don't bite... well actually I do... but I'm not gunna get into that.