Amanda Wells

11/07/2006 An update has been long overdue.  I've replace some pictures with better quality uploads, as well as having added a few new pictures.  I have more pictures to put up, but, alas I did not get photos or scans of them before hanging them in the gallery where they are showing currently.  I guess I'll have to sneak over and see what I can get... About me: I'm twenty three.  I'm a book nerd.  George R. R. Martin, hands down, is my favorite author, and (in some ways, unfortunately) has set expectations in my mind of how the fantasy genre should be written.  He does exactly what I seek to do with most things  I create; finding the right relationship between fantasy and realism. I am also a singer-songwriter. I am horribly addicted to checking Facebook account everyday.   I play D&D (almost) every Sunday night.  I recently started a fantasy themed clothing company called Equip This.  In my spare time I write songs, perform in bars and coffeehouses, and cater to the constantly growing world inside my head that inspires my art.  I'm happily married to the lead singer of an Indiana based fantasy metal band called Lorenguard, of which I am slowly becoming a member. When it comes to art, I try to live it, whether it be music or simply visual.  I do it because when there is nothing else left I know that it is the one thing that will always be a constant.  My goal is to take fantasy art to a level that extends and overcomes the idea that fantasy art must be erotica. I want to show the realism that exists in fantasy and bring fantasy out of everyday reality. I want people to believe that when they see a portrait of themselves, as whatever race, that they really lived and breathed as that being and believe that they really existed, even if only in the child, and dreamer, that lives in their hearts and imaginations.And as always, if you are a fighter, you need more than a chain mail bikini to protect you from...well...anything.  I don't care what kind of natural armor stats you have. If you enjoy realism, fine art, and fantasy, I hope my page can find a home in your favorites list. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy.  I have a website where prints can be purchased, and where some of my other non-fantasy work resides. If you would like to contact me, my email is Some of my other favorite artists on here are: Anneth 'Waterballoon Vixen' Lagamo Erika Schulz Socar Myles Darryl L. Taylor Adam Vincent