Memories of Stars

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Jasna Bancak

She snuggled deeper in her fur while her wild silver locks danced around her. Cold wind was carrying crystal snowflakes through the air and it looked like it was snowing from the clear starry sky. It was a good night for departure and the travel before them. The sky was clear so they didn’t need the additional lights and it was cold so the ice on the lake they had to cross over was solid and safe. The hiatus around her and the memories in her pained her. While she walks further and further away from Rad’Ninnia, she can feel her hopelessness and fatigue brought by the last decade like an overwhelming burden. All she wanted right now was to sit and lay down in the whiteness and to never rise again. She would even allow her eyes to merge with the ice around them. Yet she continued with her steps. She allowed herself only a look upon the stars, so far away and almost colder than the snow around them. She would never again touch the stars. That fact brought another painful sigh on her lips. Star Gate was closed for them forever and now they’ve lost Rad’Ninnia also. Distant memory on the run upon the green fields and caresses from the scented wind flashed through her mind. She could almost scent narcotic essence of silver lilies, nimloths and all those flowers that used to blossom in the shadow of Tar’Dei. But all that was in the time of Summer, in the time of Empire. Winter had come and the Empire was long ago lost under stars. Never again will they dance under golden birches of Rad’Ninnia. They’ve danced once, but now the winter was here. The city of crystal towers, purple arcs and blossoming fields was shackled now under everlasting blanket of snow and ice. They’ve lost Rad’Ninnia to the snow and ice, like it wasn’t enough for them to lose the stars. Silence was almost deafening in that vast hiatus. Silence was on the place where everything should have chimed from laughter, songs and voices. She would like that silence to stop… she would like to hear that song they’ve sung so long ago but wilderness was waiting for them behind that white plain of snow and ice. There was warm bay somewhere and they will rebuild their civilisation from the scratches there. A smile tried to fight its place on her painful lips. Once upon time she was the heiress to the vast empire, the adored younger daughter of the Belatri line, appointed guardian of the last fenix here on Aray and now… Now she was no better than all those castaways without home. She had her past no matter how painful it was and had her future no matter how hard it might be. And the most important fact was that she had a memory how it was to travel among stars, because many after her wont even have that. She sent the last look upon Rad’Ninnia. It glittered from the reflection of stars on the crystal towers and streets shackled in the ice, it blazed from the lights captured in deserted buildings. With a heavy heart she turned away from the breathtaking sight. The future was awaiting them and it wasn’t in Rad’Ninnia anymore. There was wilderness to conquer, and the city that needed to be built maybe even as a reflection of Rad’Ninnia, who knows. But she was certain they will be back someday, if not them, then their descendants and Rad’Ninnia will once again ring with laughter and songs. Scene from one of my stories done with Photoshop...

Published More than a year ago

Category Science fiction

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