Samantha Papworth

Tale of the White Stag

For all those who have lived through rose coloured glasses.

Gold at the End of the Journey - Return Of The Unicorn(Chapter 2)

The sequel to Once Upon A Unicorn, it explains more about what is happening, to Aletea on her journey to the gold.

Guardian Of The Moutian (Chapter 1)

Wow after 3 years (I first started this story in 2003) of this sitting in my computer unfinished I finally got around to finishing the first chapter, due to me having no tv to watch for 2 weeks. I even thought up the whole plot and everything! So expect Chapter 2 next time I upload more stories.

Guardian Of The Moutian (Chapter 2)

The continued story of Rohze and her guard Indigo. As they try to make sense of what is happening to their beloved land, Kentmere.

Dangerous Honour

A story about a human and a beast...

Poem Of A Storm

They say on the Queens birthday, one is to celebrate. Though this one time no one cheered.

Secret To Life

A story about a Faeriedale standing in the rain.

Gold at the End of the Journey - Once Upon A Unicorn(Chapter 1)

About yet another girl who is with unicorns. I decided to write this in honour of my two best friends, who were in bad situations at one point. So that got me thinking what would it be like to be in that situation, and what would I use to excape the harsh reality, and this girl has a unique way of doing just that. This was finished on the 9/05.