Amy Clare

My favourite artist is Brian Froud, his work is amazing and so spiritual. I like art to be meaningful and beautiful. I like My first interst is Art - I love art, painting, drawing, pastels, watercolour, acrylics, collage... I love it all. I love swiming as I find being in the water so relaxing. I collect everything faery, especially faery books. Favourite movies Stardust is an amazing fantasy film. I love the costumes and the story is fantastic, so captivating. My favourite faery film is Fern Gully - I watched it on video as a child and I have never forgotten it. It's about faeries in the forests that are connected to the nature around them. The deforesters come to chop down the trees and the faeries feel the trees pain. It is amazing and educational. Finally, The Little Mermaid, this was the most inspiring and thought provoking film I watched as a child, I loved it and have loved mermaids ever since. I could realte to Ariel and her longing to be some where else. Favourite books The Faeries Oracle Brian Froud text by Jessica Macbeth. Good Faeries Bad Faeries Brian Froud. Faeries Brian Froud and Alan Lee. The Fairy Bible Teresa Moorey. Faeries and Folklore of the Brittish Isles Elizabeth Andrews. The Faeryland Companion Beatrice Philpotts. Watercolour Fairies David Riche and Anna Franklin. Big Eye Art foreward by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Fairy Art. The Art of Faery David Riche. The Brothers Grimm Fiary tales illustrated by Aurthur Rackam. Alice in wonderland Lewis Carol. Favourite music Ambient chillout. Pink Floyd and I love Lilly Allen.