Lene Larsen

Hello all! I'm starting fresh again, with many years for a break now. I've grown alot since then.I use almost all kinds of media for my pictures, if you have any questions you wanna know send me an email or message or something like it. =)I hope to make new freinds here, I've allways loved elfwood and have been lurking around here for about 6 years now.Cheers- Lene fagerlund Larsen/ Thefunnybunny! I like Drawing, film, music, art techniques. My wonderful friends on and offline! Favourite movies Dogma Favourite books Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Terry Pratchett Favourite music Whatever inspires me, all music have qualities to them, some of my favorites are Mew, Within temptation, soundtrack scores, and good old pop. =)