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oh hai!!! I'm rhianon although most people call me noodle.okay so I have just uploaded a new piece but will be taking a break for a few weeks, probably until the Easter hols unless I find myself bored and without any cw to do over the next couple of weeks (unlikely due to the impending art exam and moany teachers) but I promise not to forget about you guys at elfwood.I don't really have much interesting to say about myself... I am 16 and am from london, england where I have lived all my life, which is rather boring... I wish I was at least part irish or something or maybe japanese... anywaaaayyy... both drawing and writing are hobbies to me and for them i have two separate acounts on here. My other is called ninja ice demonI love to both watch and read anime/mangas... I can make some attempt at drawing them but am not very good, a manga project that I hope to get done as soon my art exam is over (with the help of my arty friends) is Project L which is based on my leetle story. the only type of drawing I can do is if something is directly in front of me which I am fairly good at...*a short explanation on the name* fairycheese is a symbol of mine and an alias I use on most websites so if you come accross a fairycheese its most likely me. If you want to see a picture of fairycheese, there are a couple of pics on my other account.this is far too long... so I'll shut up now.muchess lovenoodle.oh and I recommend my friend Michael's writing and such, heres a lovely little link to his profile for you-http://www.elfwood.com/~true5hotI changed the name of my story!!!!! Finally! With Michaels help I came up with a new name after months of hating the previous one. Theres nothing different with the story itself, although it took me about an hour to change the name on every single file I have and at the beginning of each chapter... I like I love drawing and painting but am always too scared to turn my sketches into anything more for fear of spoiling them... I've posted a few of my drawings on my other account (ninja ice demon)... and Ii also did archery for a while... and I use the three full stops far too much... Favourite movies STAR TREK!!! (the new film) and I also love red dwarf... and the Mighty Boosh... and yeah. thats about it. Oh and big bang theory... Princess Princess, Hakuouki, and such Favourite books I love princess princess- it's a cute little manga series that was also made into an anime. I love harry potter even though I know its quite sad... I love all books really... so I guess this space could go on forever and ever so I think I'll just shut up now... Favourite music blink182, mcfly, mcr, msi, red hot chili peppers, biffy, queen, mika, kings of leon, nickelback, green day, all these kinds of such beautiful musics... dont you just love them...

Bittersweet Memories (part 10)

Yes I know, it has been AGES since I uploaded anything, although I did say I was going to do a load of writing in the summer... I've kind of been busy (sorry, pathetic excuse) - first caravanning with my friends then camping with my family and a couple of friends and after that I redecorated my room.I am fairly happy with this piece ^__^ and you get introduced to a couple of new characters :D it would be great if you let me know what you think of them, or any impressions of the characters so far?yeah... I have nothing much else to say...(oh and I just noticed, when the girl mentions 'Mr ' this is Mike, I just haven't got round to giving him a last name yet)

Demise of a god

This is my entry to the elfwood writing contest inspired by this piece- http://www.elfwood.com/~natalia007/The-demise-of-a-god.3515348.htmlif its not clear in the text, the artist mentioned drawing the scene is Natalia P. Gutierrez (who created the picture I was inspired by, and the writer/storyteller mentioned is myself. (I guess the poet would be me as well as I included a small bit of poetry at the end, if you can call it that)I was very last minute in writing this... there was less than an hour until the deadline when I finally got it done. I hope it dosen't seem too rushed and sloppy so please feel free to point out any typos or other mistakes I may have missed ^_^

Bittersweet Memories (part 9)

okay, thanks to Georgias nagging Ive finished the 9th piece, when i should really have been doing my food cw. still dont really like this chapter much but itll satisfy little georgia for a while (hopefully)dont think i ever mentioned what the guy Jamie called Deven in the previous chapter actually likes to be called- Razor, (thanks go to Michael for naming him as i am pretty crappy at naming things e.g. the name of this story.) but anyway... his amazing good looks seem to have made him popular with Hannah already (sorry if you have no idea who im talking about)thats about all i have to say for now... thanks for reading ^.^

Bittersweet Memories (part 8)

okay so part 8... this story is going a lot further than I expected it to. also getting spurred on now by my friends because of Project L (coming soon ;p) and well im sorry if its been a while since I uploaded this is becausea) this is kinda a long chapterb) i kept rewriting bits because they sounded wrong (i have also missed out a bit that i planned to put in, nevermind)c) this bit is not my usual kind of style, particulary the second part so it was kind of tedious trying to get it to sound right-ishanyway enough excuses... oh and fyi 'Shemura' means hidden/protected in Hebrew I think it was. thanks for reading,noodle.*sighs* it looked so much longer in Word... it was like, 3-4 A4 pages.

Bittersweet Memories (part 7)

hmmm... well it seems everyones getting a bit lonely now. but thats probably cause i was home alone when i was writing this... hope you enjoy it ^.^=O if only you knew the things he'd done...

Bittersweet Memories (part 6)

okay heres a little info on Jamie and Cat. and you get  a little more of the fight.

Bittersweet Memories (part 5)

part 5... and we're still following that annoying boy...

Bittersweet Memories (part 4)

Not a very long chapter, but there is not much else to say here for the moment. The next part is completely unrelated so am putting it in a different chapter. Muchess love-noodle xox

Bittersweet Memories (part 3)

so here you get to find out what happens to Bennie. a little shorter than i was intending it to be but i need to go pack for holiday. may update this to include more.

Bittersweet Memories (part 2)

This is the background to my story to help put into context the comments and such that my characters say. (Note on the types of powers- although most of my main characters seem to have combination powers this is rare, the fact that their powers are strong is why there is so much conflict around them and why most of their personalities are pretty extreme. Thats why the story is about them and not anyone else. But you dont know any of that yet ;P)

Bittersweet Memories (part 1)

Ok so this isthe start of a piece of work so please point out any mistakes or anything else you think i need to improve on. i am thinking about writing another chapter if people like this so please comment and suchlike. i think i should give some background on this story so that will probably be part of the next chapter... and could anyone suggest a better name? i dont really like this one but i couldnt think of anything better. thanks.noodle.