Faith Doerr aka Lerune

So much renovation to do here...where to begin.I'll tag the bio as a work in progress, enjoy the writings.  ;)

Leralam and Lerune Aldea: Coming of Age

This is the background story on my elven ranger, Lerune and her scout brother, Leralam. I stopped role-playing for years, and Lerune was the very first character I rolled up when I started playing again. Hope you guys like.

Tre Pereldar

This is the story of my half-elven bard, Tre. She only adventured for a short while before she was retired to a life with higher meaning. Pretty unusual for a bard, but I like the way things turned out. I hope anyone reading the story can appreciate the goodness in both Tre and Thaler and enjoy reading the story of their life together as much as I have enjoyed role-playing it (Thaler belongs to a friend). Even without its RPG ties, their story stands alone as a good read.

New Friends (Vatia)

Still more on Vatia as she makes new friends and moves onward toward the first goal she has set for herself. Ruban and Tuban are quite a pair, and her addition made them a forse to be reckoned long as they were in the tavern...


This is Ettienne's Prophecy which factors into our current role-playing campaign heavily. Many of the people mentioned in the prophecy are characters you can read about here at my Wyvern. (Yes, that was a blatant hint...)

Beginning (Vatia)

This is a brief intro and insight into my character, Vatia. She was awarded to my cleric, Trendall from the infamous Deck of Many Things, and went from there. I am actually in the process of compiling Vatia's life into one, big story, but for now, here is a snippet of who she is.

Sun's Quest: Introduction: The Foundation

I am horridly indecisive, I know. First this was the Intro, then Chapter One, now the intro again. I am happy to say that it is going to STAY the Intro. It is too different from the rest of the book (but necessary) so I thought it best to have it as an introduction, albeit lengthy. A lot of changes have been made here, as I took ALL suggestions to heart. i hope you guys like the (more) finished product. I am updating my Wyvern while I still work on Sun's Quest. Chapter One has shaped up nicely, and as soon as Chapter Two is ready, there will be more on this story.

Decisions (Vatia)

Another little snippet of Vatia's life. Make sure you read Beginnings before this, though. This just goes a little further into her life. She suddely finds herself facing a decision on what to become...quite a daunting task.

A Selfless Gift

The past that Vatia does not know she has. Best read AFTER reading Vatia's snippets.

The Midwife's tale

This is the 'background' story on my elven cleric, Trendall. She is such a sweet and caring soul, I have always wanted her story to be something special. This plot just hit me out of the blue one day and I love the way it turned out. I believe this story is a good read all on its own, without knowing it is about an RPG character. I tried very hard to make the readers really love Luithen to the point that one can see her choice was out of love -- please feel free to comment so I can know I've accomplished my goal.

Sweet Satisfaction

The story of the dark priestess, D'arby, and her beginnings. We are able to follow the fall of both her and her brother into the dark arts...

Sun's Quest: Prologue

Arg! For some reason, I can NEVER get this thing listed in my story list BEFORE the Introduction, which is where it belongs. If you have read them and sem confused, know that THIS is what cmes first. If you haven't read them, there is no time like the present. =0) This is just a very short prologue to the book I am currently obsesed with. It differs enough from the intro that it needs a seperate page.

Untitled (Mindriel)

Fairly new story, and try as I may, I cannot come up with a title for it! I welcome any suggestions, as it jut kills me to leave it as 'Untitled.' Hope you like.

Sun's Quest: Chapter One

Chapter One -- I hope you like it. I have worked really hard on it and I think it turned out well. This is TOTALLY different from the Intro, and here we are introduced to 99612, our main character.