The Last Farewell

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Chen Huang

"Salaam, Gladius." The court of Seraphim watched the Fallen one from on high, each of their faces dimly glowing in their own perfection. The once complete circle was broken - Lok and Soloria were both gone, and Gladius, their killer, was now forever banished from Eden. The Seven had been reduced quickly to the Four in a single night, and from the look of it, that's how it was going to stay for a very long time. Mortiion was there, his book in his lap even now as he scribbled away. He paused for a second and looked up at the highest dais, and with that look, time seemed to freeze and even Gladius stopped his slow walk towards the portal that would deliver him his punishment. The Seraph of Time's dark eyes searched the eyes of God, and it was there, beneath heavily wrinkled brows and snowy lashes, that he saught the future. Across the room from him sat the Seraph of Life. Skyesong, he used to laugh when he said my name. It was unimaginable for D'sona why Gladius would kill Lok and Solaria: they were the ones who were closest to him. She stared at the two neatly severed heads hanging from Gladius's hand, puzzeled. Why? It was then that Gladius laughed, his whole frame shaking as his wings were pried open by the Magic Seals that Ramirus and God had simultaneously cast upon him at the minute of his sentence. Ribbons flew from the binds set around his shoulders, spell chains that grew and glowed with powerful runes as they wrapped around him and drained him of his power. A look of pain crossed his face, and then two of his wings were gone, obliterated into nothing. He reached out for a blood-splattered feather and gently grasped it with his fingertips. “ Peace? You ask me for peace? All you have asked, I have done for you, for the Balance of the world, for good and the continuation of Goodness. Now I receive my just reward.” He turned his head, and his eyes searched the souls of those who had judged him, and landed at last on God. “I will keep my promise, as you have asked. We are not fools, we have never been fools.” His face was a mask of bitterness and loss as he spoke this, and when he smiled, it was no longer the perfect and serene gesture that belonged to angels but a sardonic and sullen smile of a sad and misunderstood being. “They will find out, and you will lose everything.” This was that moment. Pauvre bebe. You know he's cool. Now that I've written this part out, the entire ending of the story might be changing! Yikes! It's big, really big! I went over the lines a couple of times with pensil so it darkened and... shifted a couple feathers on the wings and added a bunch of stuff. Yep, those are heads in his left hand. Lok and Solaria, Seraph of War and Happiness. Mortius has been changed to Mortiion, due to the fact that I really want to keep Gladius for a name, and Mortius and Gladius together... was too odd. It's pronounced MORE-Tee-ion. I such at phoenetics so don't ask me for the real version of it. The characters on the spell chains are all made-up, some of them based off of Chinese characters. . ANd I also did a bit of color shading in PS so people can tell what's what lol. I

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