Fala Crow

1. As you know I am Fala....weird name huh? means crow...if you wanted to know... 2. I love to draw - pastime and fun - and write - I'm on the LJ Smith Club writing there... 3. I love anime - any suggestions? 4. I might not be good but I'm going to keep working...maybe sell just one picture when I'm older...lol not a big goal but it should be fun to reach... 5. I love reading - any books? I love horror and fiction and fantasy...and mostly vampire stuff... I Just Updated!!!! 12/23/02 I deleted all comments to start over and refresh my gallery... I will not do that anymore, I just wanted to start over... Please leave comments! Oh...I haven't done my other two galleries but I promise they are coming! I REALLY WANT TO DO AN ART TRADE!!! ANYONE?