I'm Fallyn now 22 and still as crazy. I draw anime and talk about and to my characters as though they were real... lol It's hard to believe it but I've been on Elfwood for over a year now! Most artwork displayed here (if not all) will be based on mine and my best friend Lyndsay's story ForsakeN which we're in the process of writing. Some characters were created by and belong to me others by Lyndz and all are copyrighted to Lyndsay Gilbert and Helen Falls collectively. Hee hee. I'd also like to point out here that in my gallery everything is fantasy. In other words, the angels and demons (regardless of what mythology that inspired me) are not real. Any comments burbling on about them not being accurate or any religious whining will be ignored and deleted. Also if you hate Anime...why are you even here? If you hate it fine, it's your choice. Don't waste your time or mine telling me how much you hate it. I am now a member of the Comment Exchange on elftown. Members of the Comment Exchange promise to comment on the galleries of those that comment on their own. so if you comment on any picture or on this page, I promise to reciprocate in kind... that is if you leave a comment stating, 'cool pic' you will earn one of equal value on your gallery, if however, you give a well thought out comment then you will earn the same in return. I can’t promise don't return comment for comment (though I will always try to), but the more you comment the more I am likely to comment more on your stuff. Still, I will return the favor in kind. One other thing, if I get mods choice ever I will try to return the favor of your comments but it may take me quite some time. Comment Exchange Comment Exchange Members To join Comment Exchange , one must first be a member of Elftown, it's easy to sign up and takes no time at all. Once you are that far explore the Wiki and the Comment Exchange is in the Tips section. If you have any troubles finding it, just contact me, or search for me in Elftown and message me, I will be glad to help. I could write more about me but why bother. Hee hee. If anyone wants to contact me for what ever reason or chat on MSN my addy is below. :) Fallyn_Raine@hotmail.com Visit Lyndsay for great faery art and brillant stories/poems! *Update!* Or soon to be, when I put in my next ticket I'm going to take down/replace a lot of the old pictures so get ready for some big changes to my gallery! ^-^