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The Blast Brigade: A Prologue

A new story I'm working on.

A Duel of Chaos

Someone once said that the way to solve wars are to round up all the involved leaders, stick them into an arena and pass out clubs. The leaders are based on me(mage) and Gardner.

Combating the Beast

A tribute to Simone, Emily, Gardner, and all those other countless casualties to this fearsome menace that strangely enough, inspired me.

Thieves Tale Ch.1

The first chapter of my story.

(Crunchy!) Death #716

'... for life itself is in the eyes of the beholder.' Dedicated entirely to Chyaz 'cause I messed up on her link-thingy. And to tthat guy from the place with the thing, can't forget him...

Against the Flow

(Also 'Beyond the Beast'.) Hey all concerned. This is the unofficial after series of my mod's story 'Combating the Beast'. Enjoy. By Order.

The Odd Jobs, Ch. 1-17

My 2007 NaNoWriMo novel, which I unfortunately did not finish in time to win, but intend to complete.

Thieves Tale Ch.2

Chapter two. Enjoy.

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