Murder the Dawn

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Elsie McNish

Long ago, thousands of years in fact. On Evalas there was a race of elves. Now these elves were not like other ones. They a dark brood, war like. They had incrediable magic and technology, and they used much of it to kill those around them. Before the day came when Thanos, a god amongst even gods, would come to claim the Aven and the rest of world as his army, the Aven were a powerful race that conquered most of the lands.However after a long peroid of time the world was wiped clean of it's vile mortals, and Thanos created an army of an entire world. Killed them all only to raise them as his own. He made this army to fight his bretheren that had waged war against him. Soon within time Thanos and his creations won the war but soon he would be decieved and betrayed. His four most faithful horsemen *Famin, Plauge, Death, and War all named after something they ere good at* would turn against him and thus this betrayel would start another short series of wars until it finally ended with the four horsmen being victorious.The Horsmen gave life back to the world within something that thanos carried with him. A staff of great power. It was known as the Invul'gainis or in common tongue the staff of chaos. Imbured within the staff was the very power that created the universe. Chaos. They kept their immortality and their powers as their own, and gave mortality back to the world and it's people. They became Evalas new rulers and gods.12 thousand years later man kind would revolt against the Horsemen. War, the supreme ruler had his beloved Death to give him power to reawaken his race of evles. Now long since dead, he took deaths power in which she gave him, and woke the Aven from their deathly slumbers, and gave onto them sparks of the souls of powerful dragons. The power of the dragons would bring the flesh back to their skin, it would bring a new life to them. A undead life. Their souls now intertwinded with remrents of dragons. They could take on a armour like skin and could grow horns and claws and many of them could even fly the skies with wings.Thousands of years later even after the Horsemens defeat in the Yaraian War, there is many Deathseekers around still.

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Category Horror

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