Kaitlin Powell

Well hellouu! I've decided that this profile needed some spicin' up! *me being a loser* I'm not too into Fan Art. I think my best stuff is my original characters. I don't color very many pictures too. Sorry, I'm just too lazy. I do commistions for free if you want them. Just email me and write 'elfwood request'. Fan Art commistions are ones I think I do really good on. ^_^ I always like comments! I'll give you a cookie if you comment! *waves cookie around* Though I don't mind it when people don't like my pictures, if you comment please tell me what I did wrong (in a nice way of course) If you don't like the subject matter just say so! I might even make something completely different just because of what you said yah never know! *still holding cookie* Let's see, my favorite anime is Vampire Hunter D he's a little hottie! I luuuvs him! And if you do too you get EXTRA COOKIES! I draw mostly in anime and especially here I'm just going to be drawing anime. La la la la laaaa! Hmmm, you should go to my website and check out my other pages here. So go forth and have fun!

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