Farah Ahmad

Greeting and welcome to my small realm of Fantasy and wonders. Well actually there aren't any wonders at all. Only a few fantasized visions that has been jolted down on a piece of paper so that they could find their way to the reality as accurate as possible. Introduction:A short intro of myself. As you must have noticed my name is Farah. I'm 25 years old. Location on earth would be Pakistan. Occupation: fine artistInterests:Many of them actually.Arts:In accordance to arts, I have a keen interest in sketching with pencil. I normally do manual paintings as well, which are basically my usual assignments from school. I must admit, I'm too lazy, even for passion. My most recent interest is character designing, and mostly Anime, my newly found style which I admired since I don't know when. I loved anime before I even knew what it was. My favorite artists in finearts world happened to be more than just one. Da vinci, John Constable, Johm Martin, Caravaggio, Corot..........and many more. In Anime arts I recently admire the art works Julie Dillon and So Mauo. Other interest are, Computer game:Mostly PC games specially war strategy. All time favorite is Starcraft by Blizzard. And Platform games. Only one of them I ever played is Abe's Odyssey and was completely inspired by it.Movies:As they are in almost everyones list of interests. Themes that I like are of all kinds maybe. Mostly light funny ones. No slops stick please. Mysteries, sensable Science fiction etc etc. Also Disney and Dream works art of animation is absolutely admirable. Music:At a very low rate but what I like, I like it for life. Usually insturmentals, hard rock.Books:Well I confess, I don't read much. But I have a favorite and that is Harry Potter only. I happen to be one of 'they who must not be named' (a freaky fan I mean). Updates: 12/9/2003 was the last update... *ouch* yeah I just came back to elfwood. :)Well I believe that would be it for now. Thank you for your visit. Have a nice day.