Faraz Hussain

I'm just an everyday guy that happens to love anime (namely stuff by CLAMP) and techno music (ATB, Darude, Oakenfold, Scooter, etc.) Anyway, almost all of the stories that I write are extremely violent, and thus deserve at least a PG-13 rating (maybe higher, I can't really tell). I don't really have anything else to say eh? I thrive off comments, so the more I get, the more I write (as I say; comments make the world go around). This Update: Late March: Chapter 4 of DLV is finally up. It really shouldn't take me half a year to spin out 8 pages of text, so I hope to have CH5-6 done by the end of April. Here's a basic run-down of my current work: Clash of the Swords (Cots): A story about a boy with dragon-like powers and an elven girl (on hiatus). Clash of the Spells: A sequel to CotW and a prequel to CotS. The tale of two loners and how they defeat the dark mage, Afiral. Clash of the Swords: The start of the 'Clash' series. The tale of how Starblaze came to be a legend. Darien Lucifer Vankairis (DLV): A modern tale of a teenage vampire who cares only about himself. . The Fourth: My only Sci-fi story. The tale of a bounty hunter and a unique robot. (Currently on hiatus). . Poems: Lonely Angel and Angelic Voices. Short Poems about darkness and human flaws. Vision of the Future. A short poem about a bleak future. Dragon Choices: A short story about a bully that is disillusioned. . The Fountain of Youth: A short story about a boy with magical abilities and his experience with the Fountain of Youth. .


DLV: Special: Darien's Essay

An essay from Darien's point of view. Wanted to try out first person writing. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence).

The Fourth: Ch1

My first sci-fi work. The introduction of the main character. (Project currently on haitus). Rated PG (violence).

DLV: Chapter 3

Darien visits another city and almost drinks Ashton's blood. Ashton and Michael find a vigilante (and hold hands ~_~).

CotS: Chapter 3

The ongoing story about Winterblaze. This one deals with how his powers first came out. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence, abuse).

Clash of the Wings

The first piece of real fantasy that I wrote. Originally written for a creative writing class that I took in 8th grade. The story of Starblaze and his fight with Novar. Rated PG (violence).

DLV Chapter 4

Darien is visited by Dracula and learns the history of vampires. The vampire that got away returns with a few tricks up his sleeves.

CotS: Prelude

The Prelude to my first book. Talks about the king and war and whatnot. Rated PG.

CotS: Chapter 1

This chapter tells why the main character left his house. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence).

CotS: Chapter 2

The story of Starice and Firestar and the city of Silviar. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence).

Poem: Lonely Angel

A poem I wrote in 9th grade about flaws within everything.

Fountain of Youth

A tale about a boy with special abilities who finds the fountain of youth and drinks from it. Rated PG.

Poem: Vision of the Future

A poem I wrote regarding A.I. ruling the world.

Poem: Angelic Voices

A poem I wrote in 9th grade about the struggle between light and dark.

DLV: Chapter 1

An introduction to Darien. My first attempt at modern fantasy. Modern fantasy sure is tough to write when your character isn't suppossed to be able to feel much towards humanity.

Clash of the Spells

The Second Story in my ongoing series. It's about the girl and the mage that were shown at the end of Clash of the Wings. Rated PG.

DLV: Chapter 2

Darien goes to school and kicks some butt at basketball =D.

DLV: Prelude

The prelude to a modern vampirical tale. The birth. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence).

Dragon Choices

A tale about a beserker kid and a dragon. Rated PG (violence).