Heather Taylor

I love drawing, writing, painting. I love to sing (though the word karaoke comes to mind), dancing and home repair projects. I enjoy Video games, music and movies and do many different sorts of crafts. I follow what I believe in and am as real as I can possibly be; I keep a handful of friends close to my heart and try to treat everyone with dignity and respect. I am a little eccentric, very introverted and highly spiritual. I like Painting, drawing, writing, movies, music, meditation...many things interest me. Favourite movies I have a passion for movies and music, I enjoy stepping into the imagination of others, it inspires my own. There are so many movies that I love and can watch over and over again, Everything from Pride and Prejudice to Resident Evil. Favourite books My favorite Author is Anne Rice, I adore her and her Vampire Chronicles are the very things I will be buried with to take to the next life. I also enjoy Jane Austen Novels, James Patterson, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and a few others. Favourite music I enjoy many different genres everything from Enya, Sarah Brightman to Korn and Lucana Coil. I can not say I am fond of Rap, and Country is by far my greatest dislike but I try to remain open minded just in case a song comes along that I do like