Jonathan Brünner

Well... I've finally moved into another area of the woods. I am native to the Lothlorien, despite having notably more to do with Science Fiction than anything. Due to how everything is classified in Elfwood, you will find mostly stuff pertaining to Warhammer 40,000 in here. If you want to know more about me, I would suggest riding that link over to my Lothlorien fantasy art, where I've doubtlessly spent more time describing just who I am. Please enjoy these works, as best you can. I love to get comments and usually I'm happy to talk with people over IMs (though I'd have to warn you, I am not the most charismatic person, kind of wierd, kind of particular, and not the easiest to understand). My interest in Warhammer 40,000 began in 1994, shortly after the release of the Codex: Eldar. I bought some pewter Eldar Scouts for $3.00 a pack and then a few warlocks. Eight years later I have some 6,500+ points of Eldar as well as 8,000 points of Crimson Fist Space Marines (more than a company) and much smaller armies in Sisters of Battle, Harlequins, and Thousand Sons. I've a pretty ballanced perspective on how things 'should be' in 40,000. I try to use my skills in visualization almost as arguments. I would like people to see 40k, visually, as I would imagine it. As evidence of this I'd point to the Exarch at Rest I've placed here. This is clearly not the same kind of 'look' you would get from the current Codex: Eldar (which could be problematic either way, depending on what you think 40k should be). Most of the stuff I've here is still more mainstream (like big versions of the avatars I donate to, comic concepts, or favors for comrads). I've been working on a few Templar/Tau peices that are too large to simply post without the use of my digital camera. Like Exarch at Rest, these are highly detailed and not necissarily Codex when it comes to style (though they certainly are more in line with GW's work when it comes to marines and tau). I've recently started an endeavor with my long-time comrad at relating to figures and fan-art for 40k.