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Tanja Kreutzfeld

Late one night my muse thughed visiously at my sleeve, yelling in my ear that this was very important and that there was someone I had to meet. And this picture was planted smack in the middle of that little confused walnut i like to call my brain. There was no workaround whatsoever, it stayed there! So here she is, Silný. She is drow. That is, her farther is drow, she is only half drow because her mother is human and a high-priestess at a powerful yet very secret and well-hidden monestry. Her farther is a tad more sensitive and loving than your average drow and therefore fell helplessly in love with the beautifull high-priestess and she with him. But they were painfully aware that there love could never be and as the fruit of there passion came to birth her farther took Silný back home to raise her alone, never mentioning her mother to a living soul. The secrete of Silnýs origin was crusial as the power of the two different kind of magic her parents possesed combined in Silný was great beyond compare if learned and unleached. It would prove fatal for Silný if anyone ever should find out. The scociety, especially the humans, would never let such a powerfull person live beyond infantry. Therefore Silný was raised ignorant of her true power and of her mother. Tragically her farther was mortally wounded in a battle, ironically against humans, and as he drew his last breath he told her to find the little box that was hidden in the wall at there home. Full of grief and the need for revenge, Silný was horrified to discover that her mother was of the race she hateed the moest, those hwo killed her farther. The box revealed a letter telling her who her mother was and that it was essential for Silný t seek her out for as welltrained the drow magic was in her, as untrained was the human magic. And if she didn't learn to controle that magic, it would eventually devouer and kill her one day. In the box was a headpiece as well, with a symbol of her mothers monestry, a calle lily. The only aid she would get to seek out her mother. Silný struggled long and hard to overcome the remorse of the fact that her mother was human but in the end she decided that she must find her mother and get her help, if nothing else then for her fathers sake. She then sat out on the dangerouse and difficult jurney to find her mother without revealing her true origin and with almoest no help from any of her people, not drow nor humans, as they bewar eachother. This is the story of Silný as my muse pased it to me and wished me to write. Made from scratch in PhotoShop with wacom

Published More than a year ago

Category Horror

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