Autumn Azure

My name is Autumn. Lots inspires me but most of all is my friends and family most of all my own lil world. My goal in life is to travel the world,go to a great art collage, just have lots of fun doin it, and to get better at art. I will be just turning 14 in August.I have long black hair.In semptemeber of 2003 i was digosed with daibetes which has been really hard on me and will be for a long time.I just sold my first picture. my mom says i can offical say im an artist but u know what i already said that. WELL HOPE U LIKE MY GALLERY IVE WORKED HARD ON ALL MY DRAWINGS!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u all should go see my friends page but Madeline's Galllery Amelia 'Mia' Gallery