James Fazio

All throughout my childhood and young-adulthood I have depicted various characters from medieval/fantasy role-playing games that I have played with my brother . In my adolescence I grew up with posters of Frank Frazetta's fantasy art on my walls and Boris Vallejo's art books on my shelves. However, I never really received any formal art training (outside of a single art class in high school). Most of the illustrations in this gallery are character drawings inspired by the fantastic games and imaginative times of recreation shared with my brother and dear friends. I drew them in an attempt to capture the memories of those good times for posterity, and am now most pleased that I did so, as those years seem all but gone now as time and space do not provide me the luxury of perpetuating such memories quite as freely. I've not done any drawing fow a couple of years now, but there is always the possibility (and even hope) that I may just pick-up a pencil and fly into a drawing-frenzy at the next moment of inspiration.