alison chinn

Once, I was eating Malteasers in my friend's room. One got crushed in the carpet to quickly I picked it up and threw the pieces under her bed so she wouldn't notice... I never told her. The malteaser is probably rotting away in her carpet right now... oops! Also, I am Batman in disguise! I like Beautiful artwork, expecially fantasy. Horses and ponies--they are glorious creatures, and in my eyes they represent royalty and glory. Like a prince. And romance, I'm a sucker for it :S Favourite movies Dr. Who! Always awesome. But I preferred when David Tennant played him. True Blood, Buffy and Hancock--epic movie. Avatar is just as good, the most expensive movie made and it was worth it! Favourite books The Twilight Saga (don't start)- Stephenie Meyer, Chaos Walking - Patrick Ness, Graceling-Kristen Cashore AND... the mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare - a beautiful read, a world i love to live in :) Favourite music Muse!!! lifehouse, coldplay, owl city!